Once Upon A Time

In 2008, I discovered a blog called Stuff White People Like. I enjoyed reading it, as a longtime resident of the American coasts seeking insight into that mystical thing called mainstream American culture. I imagined this culture was born in the heartland – though there were certainly glimpses of it in my coastal cities too. To my outsider eye, Americans were ‘different’ in such patterned ways. Gradually, I learned more about the race and class politics of acceptable difference. SWPL helped to clarify the patterns I had glimpsed: the style markers of the Quirky Girl (bangs, glasses, combat boots), the cultural love of camping and canines. The evolving performance of American edginess continues to fascinate me in the Midwest, where I now live, and where everyone seems to participate in it. This site is for my cynical or affectionate musings on the place I’ve come to call home.

Published by Brown Girl On the Prairie

peripatetic academic

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